Objects of desire... Emissaries of intrigue.
Vividly colored gemstones have been highly prized since ancient times. Throughout the years, many believed the gemstones possessed magical powers. Even today, they are collected and coveted.

Colored jewels do so much more than adorn. They elicit emotional responses. People are drawn to their intrinsic beauty, their traditions and their unique ability to enhance the wearer.

Dans Jewel Colored Gemstones
Dans Jewel. specializes in rubies and sapphires. Known globally as the 'gemstone capital of the world,' Bangkok, Thailand, is the epicenter for the world's finest colored gemstones. Tom Shane travels to Bangkok and hand-selects each and every gemstone for consistent color and exceptional sparkle. Dans Jewel. is very selective. Our rubies are a vibrant red, and our sapphires come in an array of saturated colors ranging from the traditional blue to pink, ice blue, yellow, lavender and green.

All of our rubies and sapphires are natural gemstones. They are not created or synthesized in a laboratory.

Grading Colored Gemstones - The Four Cs


The industry actually measures colored gemstones by dimensions in milimeters in addition to carat weight.


As with diamonds, clarity refers to a colored gemstone's purity or absence of internal inclusions.


Color is affected by a number of variables, and primarily by the type and intensity of the light.


The cut and proportion affect the depth of color and the liveliness projected by the colored gemstone.


Rubies are treasured, first and foremost, for their intense color. Secondary in importance is the gemstone's brilliance and liveliness.

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Although sapphires are famous for their vibrant, brilliant shade of blue, many people are unaware that sapphires are found naturally in a wide assortment of hues.

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